Spirited Gifts

Do you know the joyfully Spirited Gift you truly BE?

Access Bars® Sessions in Langford, BC

Meme saying, Sometimes all it takes is one tiny shift

There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. In a Bars® session we will spend about 75 minutes running "The Bars" as you relax lying on a massage table fully clothed.

Lightly touching the Bars dissipates the charge our bodies hold for thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be limiting our capacity to create change. Each of the 32 Bars points correspond with some aspect or area of your life. When you change the energy you can change how that part of your life shows up. How does it get any better than that?

Gary Douglas says, "At worst you feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life with out any effort."

Experience Access Bars® sessions in Langford, BC. 

Pricing:  45 Min. sessions = $65  /  90 Min. sessions = $130   /  Practitioner Certification = $370 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange your first appointment. Payments may be made via E-transfer to [email protected] or by cash in person. Paypal and Credit Card transactions are welcome with an additional transaction fee.

May all of life come to you with ease, joy and glory!

Erica Johnston
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