Spirited Gifts

Do you know the joyfully Spirited Gift you truly BE?

Access Body Processes


Access Bars® with a Boost

This session includes a full Access Bars® treatment plus a sweet Access Consciousness Body Process for some extra support:

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched can change just about anything in your life! Undo limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change. If you desire to change something, a good place to start is to get your Bars run! Once we finish up your Bars session we will move into 20 - 30 minutes of one of the following body processes for your boost:

Cellular Repair  

Come Back to You 

Correction of Vision 

Restoration of Joy

Immune Boost 

Trauma Support Emotional 

Trauma Support Physical 

What a delicious way to nurture you! Aren't you worth it?

Access® Body Processes

Access Body Processes facilitate the body back to its original state of functioning. This aides repair and longevity of the body.

I work with over 55 different Access Body Processes. 

Some of these body processes undo body malfunctions. Some release the body from other peoples' pathways to pain and suffering. Some discharge the hold of PTSD or aide in the release of cumulative trauma from the body. Some affect our ability or willingness to see. Others restore Joy of Embodiment; Communion with the Earth; or Activate and exponentialize energy, wealth, juvination and possibilities. Some reverse aging and boost our immune system.

Let me know show you an energy you may not have considered before that could be the catalyst to change ANYTHING.

Each process takes approximately 45-60 minutes laying comfortably, fully clothed on a massage table. Let's explore together what processes might be a contribution to you!