Spirited Gifts

Do you know the joyfully 
'Spirited Gift' you truly BE?

Access® Body Processes


Access Bars® with a Boost

This session includes a full Access Bars® treatment plus choose one of the following to gift your body some extra support:

Immune Boost / Trauma Support / Cellular Repair / Come Back to You

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that when lightly touched can change just about anything in your life! If you desire to change something, a good place to start is to get your Bars run! 

Then we will use an Access Consciousness® Body Process to support one of the 4 areas listed above to complete the session.

Sound yummy?

Access® Body Processes

Choose from one of:

MTVSS - Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System: 

Undo body malfuntions of any kind while giving the Immune System a boost

BMM - BioMimetic and BioMimetric Mimicry: 

Release others' pathways and points of view from your body and stop locating yourself in others to fit in in this world

Each process takes approximately 45-60 minutes laying comfortably on a massage table. A session consists of your choice of one of the above body processes per one hour appointment.