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Holistic Services in Langford, BC

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Access Bars® - 1 to 1 1/2 hour session for $90.00
Access Bars® may be for you if you are ready to open your life up to new opportunities. If you feel that you have untapped potential that you haven't yet found a way to unlock. Or, if you are ready to free up space in your mind for more productive things than being caught up in cycles from old thoughts; programming from outside sources; wounds from traumas; and more.

During holistic healing work at Spirited Gifts some clients have reported experiencing physical sensations such as heat or tingling; some experience a meditative state with visual imagery and/or sounds; some fall peacefully asleep. While the experience may feel different to each person the energy flow of the therapy will be the same; it does not mean that healing will be any less for someone who falls asleep than for another who may have experienced a state of relaxation. 

 *Please note: All holistic healing services provided through Spirited Gifts are intended as a restorative form of relaxation. Practitioners do not have diagnostic training and treatments should never replace being under the care of a medical professional for any illness or injuries a client may have.