Spirited Gifts

Do you know the joyfully Spirited Gift you truly BE?

Access Bars - Possibilities Class

a group of people running the Bars

What change can we create in the world if The Bars® are being run EVERYWHERE?

Take The Bars® into your families; book clubs; daycares; schools; hospitals; shelters; support groups; businesses, and more.

Invite me to facilitate this half day class for your groups of 4+ people. Your team will become "Unofficial Practitioners" of the full Access Bars® technique.

This class may be for you if you would like to gift magic to the world without building a business or charging money to be the gift that you truly be. Do you have a passion for volunteering? Are you part of a group, or organization who could benefit from having their Bars® run? Do you want to create more ease for your children and families; closer relationships; less stress; better sleep; conscious communication? The Possibilities are ENDLESS!

Please note:  To create a paid business with The Bars® you can take the Access Bars Practitioner Certification. And if you'd like to become a Facilitator of the Access Bars® technique and this amazing class you can take the Practitioner Certification class three times with different Practitioners and then apply for annual licensing. How does it get any better than that?

The Bars being run in total calm
Bars being run in a field of yellow flowers
A happy family running the Bars together