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Reiki Training

Have you ever felt a yearning to connect more to your own natural state? To learn about energy and to be able to dramatically improve the quality of your life and of those around you; your family; your friends; your pets or even your plants?

Reiki Level I and Level II
All levels of training are scheduled as two separate days with one week in between for practice.  You will learn concepts and techniques as taught through the Usui System of Reiki focused on self-healing and helping others.

In Reiki Level I training knowledge will be shared about:

  • The history of Usui Reiki
  • The Pricinples of Reiki
  • The Energy System
  • The Chakra System
  • Undertaking self-treatments and sessions on others
  • Two Level I attunements
  • A Certificate of Completion

In Reiki Level II training knowledge is shared about:
  • Review of Reiki Level I
  • Usui’s Training Levels
  • Learn the Symbols
  • Western Style use of the Symbols
  • Two Level II Attunements
  • A Certificate of Completion